Thursday, September 10, 2009

An Honest Look

Another book I have read is, “As Bread that is Broken,” by Peter G. van Breemen, S.J. This book is another amazing book that I would highly suggest. It is 187 pages long and can be somewhat difficult to find. Fr. Breemen takes a hard and honest look at our condition and our condition in relation to God and others. He uses Sacred Scripture throughout the entire book in order to drive home the point he has to make in each chapter. Fr. Breemen forces the reader to examine the relationship between God and self and then to examine that relationship in association with others. The best way to end this review of this book is with a quote from Edward Farrell who wrote the forward, “This is a dangerous book. Read with faith and openness, it will compel you to follow Him more totally or ‘to go away sad’” (Mk 10:22).

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