Thursday, September 10, 2009


I have recently read two different books on forgiveness written by the same author, Fr. Robert DeGrandis, S.S.J. Both books, “To Forgive is Divine,” and “Take the First Step Forgive” are excellent guides in the process of forgiving everyone in one’s past and present. “Take the First Step Forgive” (56 pages long) has many amazing aspects. The book is broken down into three chapters, ‘Forgiving’, ‘To Forgive’, and ‘New Way of Life’. Each chapter ends with a list of Scriptures concerning the topic of that chapter, and also has its own reflections to meditate upon. The chapters also include testimony from letters Fr. DeGrandis has received concerning forgiveness. At the end of the book, Fr. DeGrandis offers a Litany of Forgiveness and a chart to help you begin what he calls a forgiveness list. The litany is very in depth, but as a celibate, there were aspects I had to skip, such as the section for forgiving a spouse and one’s own children. The forgiveness list is one of the suggestions that Father offers to the reader in which a list is made of the person(s) involved and the reason for having them on the list. It is suggested that the reader spend time with each person, following the practical suggestions he gives in the book.
The book, “To Forgive is Divine” (65 pages long) is organized in a much different way. Fr. DeGrandis goes through the Ten Commandments of Forgiveness. I found this book to be a little more in depth than the other book as to the process of forgiveness. Also, the book places all the testimonies into one chapter at the end of the book. This book also organizes the Litany of Forgiveness from the other book into a more fluid prayer.
Both books were very good books and I was very glad to have read both of them while on retreat.

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