Sunday, March 20, 2011

Dominus Est!

I love short books. Sure, it can be a hindrance to really delving into a subject deeply, but I still love them. Why? Because they're short - and that means I can read them quickly and feel productive, which in turn encourages me to read even more! 

I got one such small book (maxing out at 51 pages!) in the mail this week. Dominus Est - It is the Lord! by Bishop Athanasius Schneider over in Kazakhstan (Central Asia) is a short work on the adoration and reception of Holy Communion. Interestingly, before getting into the theological arguments or scriptural references, Bishop Schneider first notes the example of three 'Eucharistic women' who demonstrated to him the blessed gift of the Eucharist and the manner in which to receive it worthily. I thought this was rather brilliant because in my own experience people tend to connect and understand more deeply the lived reality of someone else rather than a mere concept or theological point. The three examples of intense faith and longing for the Eucharistic Lord can speak to our hearts in a way that opens us to be more understanding and accepting of the theological points that Bishop Schneider puts forward. I would definitely encourage everyone to read this because it is a great 'primer' on reverence toward the Most Blessed Sacrament and gives us much to contemplate all in about an hour's worth of reading. 

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