Monday, October 8, 2012

QOTD - Mere Economic Development is Slavery

Sorry for being away so long. Life has been super busy and then I got sick with a virus. I didn't want to pass that on in my writing so I entered into semi-social media reclusion. I have recovered to working order, although I am not fully healthy yet.

With the upcoming election, there is much talk about the economy of the United States and what the candidates plan to do about it. However, we must remember: society is not primarily economic. To say that, would be a reduction of the human community to mere transaction. It is an offense of his dignity. Hence,
Development which is merely economic is incapable of setting man free, on the contrary, it will end by enslaving him further. - Bl. John Paul II
There's a shadow side to mere economic development.

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Anonymous said...

Sorry you have been ill. When wealth becomes the end cause, rather than the means, then people become little more than commodities to be bought and sold, and we treat each other as such. That is the danger the Holy Father was warning us of.