Friday, February 17, 2012

Friday Thoughts - Pray for Your Priests

There's so much I want to write about. Much has happened in the last week. The Lord is doing great things in my heart, in the hearts of the people of this country, in the hearts of the seminarians. What going to write about might seem to some gloating, but the Lord has really convicted me.

Satan hates priests. He despises them worse than my sister hates roaches. They are so effective at doing God's work, following His will, being manifold dispensers of His free grace. He wants nothing more than destroy every single priest that is alive. Anyone he can get his hands on, he wants destroyed. He does it in many ways. Some are drastic like what experienced last summer in Fr. Corapi. Most though, he works through a slow grind, weakening them to his prowl and deceits and leading them in this way or that direction to lead the people of God astray. He gets them thinking they are doing the work of God, glorious work for the sake of his people, but they are silently, subtly leading His flock astray. The temptations are great for Christ's priests. Not much different than what Satan took Christ through after His baptism in the Jordan and in the Garden of Gethsemane. He hits priests at their weakest because the sin of a priest has greater affect than just the regular doctrine of social sin. The sin of a priest affects every one of his parishioners, students, his whole flock.

So I ask you, kind and few readers pray daily for priests. Pray daily that they stay connected and in communion with Christ whom they represent. Pray for seminarians for aspire to so noble a gift and discern whether God desires that gift them. Pray for our bishops who even more so are under great spiritual pressure to buckle and give in.

Jesus, meek and humble of hearts. Make our hearts like Yours.

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