Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Top Ten Books Read in 2011, #2

Number 2 is ...

And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie
Again, this has been a year of firsts. I have have always been a fan of mystery fiction and was fully ashamed that my only familiarity with Agatha Christie was a high school drama club rendition of The Mouse Trap (which coincidentally was done very well and probably helped insight my love of mystery fiction). Yes, sad, again ... So when I became a member of Audible via my friends over at Catholic Underground who were offering a one month free subscription the first audiobook I bought was And Then There Were None.

I can see without a shadow of doubt having read about 5% of the full corpus of detective and mystery fiction that this is the best book of them all. It has fantastic characters that you immediately hate and learn to love. It has a twisting plotline with a simple ending that literally blows your mind. It is able to be a mystery story where the possible culprits are at the same time the detectives. It follows a nursery rhyme. I mean you can't get better writing in this genre. If you haven't read this, read it. This year. You can find at your local bookstore or e-book store. It is worth your time hands down.

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