Thursday, December 29, 2011

Top Ten Books Read in 2011, #4

Number 4 is ...
unPlanned - Abby Johnson

This is the only book on the list that was actually published this year. It is very rare that I'm actually up to date on stuff like that, but this book travelled with me on the way to and from the March for Life. It provided great reflection on many things.

The pro-life issue needs to be humanized. Abby communicates to the reader two things in this regard: babies in the womb are humans and those who abort them are humans, neither should be dehumanized. Both are required respect, love, charity, and action for their freedom.

Abby showed that freedom from 'the other side' is possible. She is a witness to the providence of God. Her life shows that God desires for all to see the truth. We must pray that each man and woman involved in the 'industry' of abortion can be open in a small way to God breaking through in their lives.

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Thomas B. said...

I could not get past the introduction. I was in tears, and about to retch all at the same time. Thanks be to God, that He helped her to change her heart and mind toward Him, and his children.

Tommy Bender