Wednesday, July 21, 2010


As I continue to read "Leisure", I am brought to a thought I would like everyone's thoughts on. Pieper speaks of ratio and intellectus as that which produces knowledge. Is it possible to take this and compare it well to John Paul II's "Fides et Ratio"?

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Colonel4God said...

In a sense "yes" and in a sense "no."
First, the "yes." Pieper's point is that the ratio, or deduction, works in concert with intellectus, or induction. One requires work, namely ratio. The other requires passivity to the truth, intellectus. Faith and reason work in concert to understand the truth. Ratio and intellectus work in concert to go about understanding the truth. They both work in concert.
Also, "no." Fides is itself an act. It's not necessarily a passive reception but an act of the will. It then cannot be compared to the contemplation of the intellectus. That would be my take on that.
Thanks for the question.