Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Hello! This is not really a book review as much as it is my general thoughts about perfection.

Fr. Grou in "The Spiritual Life" takes a thought from "Imitation of Christ" : "Wherever you find self, renounce self." This is a thought that I had been thinking of for quite some time now.

A very dear friend of mine has spoken to me throughout the past couple of years about being challenged to be perfect and holy. There are not many who will tell you to be perfect or to be holy in today's world. The more I thought of this, the more I wondered what it meant to be perfect and holy. Thankfully, the Lord blessed me with a retreat in which I was able to meditate upon this. I believe that to be perfect and holy is a very simple . It comes down to seeing every moment as a chance to glorify God. The challenge to be perfect and holy is a challenge that calls the person to glorify God in the present moment by giving everything they do to Him, no matter how great or small.

Above all, the call to perfection/holiness is a call to self-abandonment. As the Little Flower would put it, the path to perfection is in the little things, the little victories over one's own will and over one's pride.

Although this sounds simple, and in many ways is simple, we tend to complicate things. Thus a challenge arises in the quote I began with. I challenge everyone who reads this to find a way to triumph over your own will in at least one way during the day. This could be something as small as simple as taking time to see God's work in your life and giving Him thanksgiving for it. It could be as difficult as asking God to grant you a grace, such as asking for the desire to forgive someone you are having trouble forgiving. The more we are able to loose ourselves in Christ through little victories over our will, the more we are able to become who we were always called to be, a perfect and holy people.

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